Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Well.. almost! Thanks to my good friend Mustin, we now own P90X. We attempted to burn a DVD but it was taking way too long so it is currently on Christopher's lap top and he has promised to burn me a copy tomorrow. I was ready to start tonight too, but I must say I am a teeny bit relieved. I just WATCH the videos and it exhausts me! Tomorrow though! Diet

Week 1 Day 1:
Today was a little bit harder for me to stick to my diet. At work today they made one of my most favorite meals: chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and white gravy...holy smokes I wanted to eat that so badly! Hello carb city.. no thanks! I opted for a semi-healthier option: chicken, rice, and veggie stir-fry with a teeny bit of soy sauce. I was still a bit hungry so I ate a small bowl of granola cereal with skim milk. After a full bottle of water I was fine.. but still wanted yummy treats for my belly :D Chris made yummy steaks tonight which I ate half of mine and planned on eating the other half either at lunch or dinner tomorrow however, Chris thought it was a bone and accidentally tossed it... He's super supportive.. he just throws my food away ;)

I went to the gym again because we haven't picked up the elliptical yet. I did 20 minutes and burned 132 calories. Not too terrible... I'm feeling pretty worn out because Tuesdays are long work days for me. Considering I didn't even want to think about working out, and I did anyway if only for 20 minutes, I'm ok with that. So are my legs! Thursday is my first Weight Watchers meeting and I couldn't be more excited. I'm ready to learn different ways to put food together and have weekly meetings to document my progress! Definitely a great week so far!

Some things that would help my progress I think:
  • Bathroom scale. People have different opinions on this, but I like seeing results. It helps me stay motivated so that I can eat right through the week!
  • A tanning package. Probably not the best for my skin, but I need to start building a base tan anyway so that I don't fry the first day the weather decides to get over 60.
  • Massage? Yes please! Ok, ok this really won't help my progress but it will feel great on my out of shape sore muscles!
Anyway, it is pretty late and I have a super early day tomorrow. I have a feeling Emerson will be waking up at 5ish.. He's teething and has been a fussy butt all night. Tomorrow will be another successful day for me! Thanks for your support and thanks for stoppin in! Have a good "hump-day"


  1. p90x. woah. go you!!! I purchased jillians 30 day shred. so i might try that for 30 days....
    go you!
    ps. i'm going to post lots of commonts, not only for you but for me to keep me going!

  2. You are doing awesome. I agree with the scale and the tanning.. both of which I do. Randy may be returning to WW on Thursday also. Hang in there.. you are doing great !

  3. mimi- let me know how that goes for you. i saw it at walmart and it seemed pretty promising! i'd be interested in trying it before p90x since i'm such a beginner. i love receiving comments! it makes me feel like i've got tons of support!

    ms. debbie- where do you work out at? since you have a PT and all.. maybe you can show me some tips to target my problem areas. i always get overwhelmed by all of the machines and exercises possible. i just wanna be sure that what i'm doing works!

  4. The video is great! There are three 20 min workouts and I'm not moving onto the 2nd until I can do the 1st all the way through, no cheating. Its touch but i can already feel some results (maybe its just my mind).
    Another video that is life changing is Denise Austins Pilates for every body. its 45 minutes but I did it every day for a few weeks once and between that and eating better i lost like 15 lbs! Maybe it would be smart to do a starter video like one of these before going into p90x.... although from what i hear maybe p90x will do the same and more by kicking your ass even harder?
    Its day 5 for me and I've been doing great thanks to you and other encouragers, I think thats the key to surround yourself with positive people.