Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Well.. almost! Thanks to my good friend Mustin, we now own P90X. We attempted to burn a DVD but it was taking way too long so it is currently on Christopher's lap top and he has promised to burn me a copy tomorrow. I was ready to start tonight too, but I must say I am a teeny bit relieved. I just WATCH the videos and it exhausts me! Tomorrow though! Diet

Week 1 Day 1:
Today was a little bit harder for me to stick to my diet. At work today they made one of my most favorite meals: chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and white gravy...holy smokes I wanted to eat that so badly! Hello carb city.. no thanks! I opted for a semi-healthier option: chicken, rice, and veggie stir-fry with a teeny bit of soy sauce. I was still a bit hungry so I ate a small bowl of granola cereal with skim milk. After a full bottle of water I was fine.. but still wanted yummy treats for my belly :D Chris made yummy steaks tonight which I ate half of mine and planned on eating the other half either at lunch or dinner tomorrow however, Chris thought it was a bone and accidentally tossed it... He's super supportive.. he just throws my food away ;)

I went to the gym again because we haven't picked up the elliptical yet. I did 20 minutes and burned 132 calories. Not too terrible... I'm feeling pretty worn out because Tuesdays are long work days for me. Considering I didn't even want to think about working out, and I did anyway if only for 20 minutes, I'm ok with that. So are my legs! Thursday is my first Weight Watchers meeting and I couldn't be more excited. I'm ready to learn different ways to put food together and have weekly meetings to document my progress! Definitely a great week so far!

Some things that would help my progress I think:
  • Bathroom scale. People have different opinions on this, but I like seeing results. It helps me stay motivated so that I can eat right through the week!
  • A tanning package. Probably not the best for my skin, but I need to start building a base tan anyway so that I don't fry the first day the weather decides to get over 60.
  • Massage? Yes please! Ok, ok this really won't help my progress but it will feel great on my out of shape sore muscles!
Anyway, it is pretty late and I have a super early day tomorrow. I have a feeling Emerson will be waking up at 5ish.. He's teething and has been a fussy butt all night. Tomorrow will be another successful day for me! Thanks for your support and thanks for stoppin in! Have a good "hump-day"

Monday, February 21, 2011

"Sweet Lats brahhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Diet Week 1 Day 1

This post will be somewhat random so I apologize to my readers in advance.

Every morning I wake up with the baby, get him fed, dressed, and ready for school. Shortly after him and Chris leave, I treat myself to an ice cold Mountain Dew, watch a few minutes of the idiot box, then get ready for the work day. Today on the other hand, I treated myself with a bottle of ice cold WATER and I have been drinking it all day long. I've been addicted to pop forever so going cold turkey is pretty traumatic for me. In anticipation of a fabulous caffeine head ache, I popped 2 Excedrin Migraine and went about my day with NO HEAD ACHE thank you God!

So today was the first real day of my diet and life style change. I really don't know that I had any expectations. I knew that it was going to be difficult to eat properly all day but I didn't realize how difficult.. derr. I work as an office assistant at the cafeteria in JBU. We have so many delicious options to eat, that sometimes it can be pretty overwhelming. Along with all of the healthy options, we also provide many of my vices like pizza, cheeseburgers, desserts, etc. I walk by the Pizza line and the Bakery line about a bajillion times a day. I'm pleased to say, that although the desserts were mighty tempting, I resisted!! I also pass the soda machines just as much and I only utilized them to fill up my water bottle. For the first time in a really long time, I didn't have a sugar crash at 3. I've been more energetic and have felt completely awesome all day! Downside.. I can feel my body going through withdrawals from not consuming crap all day. I know that this won't last long so I am currently patting myself on the back. :D

To bring the perfect ending to a fantastic day, I went to the gym... I know, I can't believe it either! I did 20 minutes on the Elliptical with the intentions of lifting weights and then finishing the other 10 after weights BUT.. I didn't. So, I go into the weight room at JBU and it's like an episode of Jersey Shore. It was filled with guys who grease their hair way too much and look like leather. I overheard them complimenting each other on various muscles. Talk about uncomfortable. I was the ONLY female in the weight room so I felt ridiculous. I 3 reps of 15 leg presses and quickly found the door. I already have a hard time going to the gym at JBU because I see many of those people every day. I just feel like the gym is for people who are already hott and are just there to maintain. No fatties allowed! I'm working on overcoming this fear, but I know that it will take me a while to truly not care what others might think when they see me.

A few things that I am struggling with:
Preparing my food. I'm used to the convenience of fast food and such.
Learning how to make good choices all day and keeping in mind that these choices spark more good choices.
Trying not to fall into the mind-set of instant gratification. Losing weight is something that I need to do so it is well worth all of the hard work that I put into it.
Loving myself. I can't quit beating myself up over insignificant things. Most of the things that I dislike about myself are things that I can change if I just put in the effort. I need to take care of ME so that I can take care of others the way I feel like they deserve!

All in all I am very proud of myself for a good 1st successful day. I know that there will be several ups and downs during this journey but with all of the support I've got, I know I can get to my desired goals! Here's to another successful day tomorrow! Now, sleeeeeeeeeeep!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

MILF in the Making

Food-- My first love since before birth. The smell, taste, comfort, and pretty much everything it provides except for the side effects of poor eating habits. The "Muffin-Top"?? Sounds delicious, but is completely undesirable!! After giving birth to my beautiful baby boy, I've realised that my bad choices in food are one of the many habits that I do not wish to pass down to him.

I am a perpetual dieter without any real results. Mostly because I often start things and never see them through. Given the fact that I am now 100lbs overweight (yikes!!), I am now ready to make changes in order to be a healthier, happier, more beautiful version of myself. I've decided to document this process through blogging in hopes that when I've accomplished my goal, I can look back and reflect on all of the hard work I put into my transformation. Maybe it will provide some sort of inspiration for anyone who happens to be struggling with a similar situation. I plan on posting delicious Weight Watchers recommended recipes that I have enjoyed so that others my partake as well! So keep an eye out, good, healthy food is in your future!

The challenge is called 100lbs in 100 days... I think I've got like 16wks roughly so I actually have more than 100 days to lose weight.
How I plan to execute this:
  • Weight Watchers (Thank you Christy!)
  • Walking daily
  • 1hr on the Elliptical (Thank you Rooney's!)
  • Accountability Partners
  • Hard work and lots of determination?

So that's the plan thus far. I think that since I am announcing to the world that I am on a diet it will help with the whole "accountability" thing.

Disclaimer: I am terrible with grammar. I usually type how I talk so I know this blog will be filled with English abominations. I tend to be fairly open and blunt about things so if I happen to offend... you know where the exit button is :D Thank you for understanding.

Here's to 100lbs lost in 100 days and a successful journey into "MILFhood"